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Damian Szifrón's black comedy Wild TalesThe only country in Latin America that has ever won an Oscar in the Best Foreign Film category is Argentina and is the second to receive most nominations, after Mexico, which despite having been nominated eight times could never see an Oscar in that category. Damian Szifrón’s black comedy Wild Tales, from 2014 was nominated but did not receive the Oscar award this time around, although the film competed and was awarded in over 20 different film festivals around the world. Films trailers can be found on, especially Oscar nominees. have done their best to provide you with the most exciting gambling action on the internet.The other Oscars won by Argentinian films were “The Official Story” directed by Luis Puenzo, in 1985, and “The secret in their eyes” directed by Juan Jose Campanella (based on the novel “La Pregunta de sus Ojos”, written by acclaimed contemporary writer, Eduardo Sacheri) in 2009. In 2015, two other Argentine films competed in the same Oscar category for Best Original Screenplay.

On the other hand, Mexican Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, director of “Birdman”, considered one of the best film of that same year which was nominated and winnder of several international awards, also had two Latin Americans from Argentina, namely Armando Bo and Nicolas Giacobone as a part of the team of writers of the film. Some critics argue that Wild Tales, the highest grossing film in Argentina’s history is a clear example of a golden age of that country’s cinematography.

Juan Jose Campanella, who won an Academy Award for Foreign Best Picture, with “The Secret in Their Eyes” said that he does not think that the fact that a movie has sold over 3.5 million tickets and been nominated for an Oscar means that it is a “golden age”, but he is confident that Argentine industrial or commercial cinema has improved over the last few years, with directors such as Damian Szifron, Daniel Burman and Pablo Trapero.

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