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  • Un Oso Rojo

Un Oso RojoThe film, directed by Israel Adri├ín Caetano, was released in theaters in the year 2002, a year of great political and economic upheaval in its country of origin. In Spanish, the title of the film means “A Red Bear”. The film is a modern western and one of the most acclaimed scenes for which the film received several awards in international film festivals around the world, is the part when the director employs the Argentine national anthem as a music score for one of the most violent scenes in the whole film; here, many critics agree that by placing this glorious, uptempo anthem as the main protagonist of such a bloody scene, a lot more feelings and emotions can be conveyed instead of a crude dialogue or simply moaning sounds.

Indeed, this is film about dichotomies. “The Bear” is the nickname of the main character, a thief played by stage actor Julio Chavez, but symbolically enough, it is also the name of his daughter’s teddy bear, which helps him break out of jail. The bear represents violence but also the possibility of redemption. At the same time, casting Chavez as the main character to play this role was also a bold move, since this is far from the typical role the actor is used to portraying.

Chavez said that in the beginning he thought it was not the right movie for him because after a meeting with the director he felt that he would not really be in his essence, but by the time they were done rolling, he felt very grateful and satisfied and said that “beyond our expressive differences, the director is an artist, a cinema man, a sensitive man beyond anything else.” The film is the most concrete proof of that artistic sensibility Chavez referred to.

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