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Nueve ReinasNueve Reinas (or “Nine Queens” in English) is a film directed by late Argentinian director Fabi├ín Bielinsky, which was released in the year 2000. It is probably one of the best, most ingenious movies of all time to have come from South America. It has achieved so much international success and obtained so many international film festival awards that, in the year 2004, the film’s screenplay was adapted in Hollywood and released under the name of Criminal. There were also several Bollywood adaptations of this film.

Right after the film participated in the Film Festival of Cannes, one of the members of the jury declared to the official press on the red carpet that she does not know what would have become of Argentine cinema without the presence of Fabian Bielinsky. The truth is that this young director, who died in 2006 from a cardiovascular disease, with just two films under his belt (his other film is The Aura, from 2005 and is extremely different from Nueve Reinas), remains one of the most dazzling authors who Argentine cinema has seen in decades. Nine Queens is an unpredictable and entertaining masterpiece, but it is probably also the most irrefutable proof that Bielinsky thought through exactly each frame with a precision worthy of a clockwork.

Bielinsky seems to have particularly enjoyed scenes with only two or three characters interacting with each other in a closed environment, even if there are a lot of fast action, nerve racking urban sequences where the main characters Marcos (portrayed by Oscar winner Ricardo Darin) and Juan (Gaston Pauls) run around the streets. The moments of greatest intimacy in the film, as the final sequence with the song by 60s Italian singer Rita Pavone, “Il Ballo del Mattone” in the background, set the tone of the film, which is full of humorous, caricaturesque moments.

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