New, Young Directors

Daniel BurmanAfter several years on the lookout Netflix has finally decided to order a first original series from Argentinian director Daniel Burman, which is going to be named Edha and will be a dramatic thriller set in the world of fashion. Burman will not only be directing the series but also writing it, announced Netflix executives.

The series will consist of 13 episodes and will be filmed in early 2017 in Buenos Aires. Although nothing is a guaranteed success in show business, especially in the world of TV and series, Netflix executives feel confident that this is a safe move, when developing a series and thinking of the 81 million viewers in over 190 countries that make up Netflix’s audience.

Although the details of the story, which will be premiering sometime in 2017, are still not clear and the whole cast has not yet been confirmed, it has been confirmed that Edha is the name of the character who will be the heroine of the series and is described as a young and successful fashion designer who is also a single mom and will see herself at a crossroads that could turn out to be life changing. The story begins when she meets an attractive immigrant who works as a model and therein the story will unfold, with a heavy quota of passion and murder.

The producers in the country are happy because they feel like they have not been able to export much series material since streaming sites have become so popular, and they are hoping to regain their spot as the country who, merely 10 years ago, used to be fourth on the world list of countries that exported the most TV content. However, that will not be the case with Edha, as it will be simultaneously available to be streamed in 190 different countries.

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